10 tips for those who study English language

1. Engage in English every day. If there is absolutely no time, then at least 10 minutes. Even better to spend thistime in the mornings when you mind is still “fresh”. 

2. If the desire to learn language weakens too quickly, do not force it, but do not quit studying. Think of some other forms: instead of reading the book, start listening to the radio or your favorite English songs, forget about textbooks, exercises and dictionaries; make it fun. 

3. Always learn new vocabulary from the context.

4. Make a list of English phrases that can be used in different real life situations. 

5. Try to translate everything that is possible: the advertising board, the inscription on the billboard, scraps of randomly heard conversations. It is always fun.

6. Make sure that you learn correct information. Let your teacher check it first.Do not reread your own uncorrected exercises: with repeated reading, the text is remembered involuntarily with all possible mistakes.  

7. Ready-to-go phrases, idiomswrite out and memorize in the 1st person of the singular. For example: "I am only pulling your leg" ("I only tease you").

8. Englishlanguage is a fortress that must be attacked from all sides simultaneously: reading newspapers, listening to the radio, watching non-duplicated films, attending lectures in a foreign language, studying the textbook, correspondence, meetings and talks with friends who are native speakers.

9. Do not be afraid to talk, do not be afraid ofmaking mistakes, but ask someone to correct them. And most importantly - do not get upset and do not be offended when you are corrected. 


We believe that following these simplesteps will help you to reach your goals.