How to choose best english school

Having been on the teacher’s side of the learning process, I’d like to share five important detailsto which you should pay attention as a parent who wants to find a perfect English language courses for your child.

1. Do not expect fast results.

If you have decided to invest in English language for your child - be prepared for the fact that investments will have to do for several years. Despite the huge number of new, visually appealing methods, there are no miracles. If you send your child to an English language school in 3 years, you should know that the aim of the first year — to teach children to understand and respond appropriately to English speech. Often, children will just repeat the words and small phrases.

2. Get to know the teachers, their qualifications and personalities.

Ideally, teacher should have TESOL certificate or Pedagogical Degree. Unfortunately, having good qualifications is not enough, teacher should be considered to child’s needs, thoughtful, being able to motivate and engage the kid. Furthermore, the most important thing, perfect ESL teacher should love working with children.

3. Pay attention to school’s curriculum.

Sadly, big amount of language courses don’t have carefully designed curriculum. The best ESL curriculum for kids should include phonics, speech development practice and tons of new vocabulary.

4. English language school’s teaching approach.

Nowadays, ESL courses are expected to give your kid much more than just linguistic awareness. Good schools tend to develop certain skills that will help to successfully use the target language. These skills are – communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

5. The number of children in ESL classroom.

According to my 9 years teaching experience, the ideal number of students in an ESL classroom is 8. This number allows the teacher to work closely with every student and to successfully practice speaking patterns.

Of course, a big number of ESL institutions prefer to work with the bigger amount of students; in this case, you can expect your child just get lost in the crowd.