Nick | Educator

Autor: Step Up

Hello, my name is Nick. I’m 26 years old and I’m a teacher of English *let's give a round of applause to Nick*

I’ve been teaching English for approximately 4 years after graduating (including 1 year and a half in Shanghai).

In my childhood I’ve been trying to “teach” our neighbors’ boy English. Since that time I have a strong desire to teach. I couldn’t say that I would have like to teach abroad or go somewhere to teach others, but some time has passed and my wishes have changed.

During my class you would not probably find children learning some words or sentences by heart, as well as doing some writing tasks for the whole lesson. Language cannot be learnt by heart, it’s not a mathematic formula (X+Y=Z). Students need to practice it. Knowledge comes with practice.

Let's make studying fun, but not STUD(ents) (d)YING.