Taya | Educator

Autor: Step Up

Hello! I’m Taya.
I’ve been working as a teacher for almost 7 years. Now I think I was lucky as I did not get just a job, I chose the one I wanted myself. Since childhood I have been interested in foreign languages and cultures. I believe that knowledge of different languages makes the world wider and broadens person’s opportunities. I wanted to open the world for other people, to help them achieve the best in lives. It determined my choice of occupation.

I was really excited to accept the invitation from Step Up school and moved to China without year doubts.

At present Step Up teachers have the opportunity to use elements of different methods. A modern teacher can choose, combine, make up, and modify the methods to make lessons more effective and rational. I try to establish friendly but at the same time working relationships with my students.

I also look forward to practicing and developing my professional skills which will make an outstanding contribution to my professional growth as a teacher and a person.


我在美国杜鲁门州立大学学习的文学和语言学。从小我就一直对外语和文化感兴趣。我认为了解不同的语言可以使世界变得更广阔,并扩大了人们的机会。我。我获得的知识给我带来了一些非常有趣和不寻常的东西。我想为其他人开放世界,帮助他们实现最佳生活。它决定了我对职业的选择。我很高兴接受Step Up学校的邀请,毫无犹豫地来到了中国。目前Step Up教师有机会使用不同方法元素去教学。当代的教师可以通过对教学方法的选择,组合,拼接和修改,使课程更加有效和合理。我努力地去建立友好同时又相互协作的师生关系。我也期待着锻炼和提高我的专业技能,这将为我作为教师以及个人的专业成长做出杰出的贡献。