Victor | Educator

Autor: Step Up

Hello, I’m Victor. Everybody calls me Vic.
Now I am a member of Step up family.

Really happy to have this chance to work here. The atmosphere here is quite good.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Now I am an English teacher of Step up school. I have been teaching English for almost 4 years.I started my teaching career as a teaching assistant, after a while I became a teacher of English.

Honestly, I was not always in love with the English language, when I was at school I thought that learning English is boring. Until one day I met a terrific teacher, and this teacher changed my life. He showed me that learning can actually be fun, he helped me to overcome my difficulties and to become life-long learner. My teacher opened a road for me.

When it was time for me to decide on my major at University I did not hesitate a minute. I wanted to be an English teacher. I wanted to help children to find joy, fun and happiness in learning, like my teacher had done to me.

Working with students especially young learners is very rewarding. Children’s natural curiosity, desire to explore always challenge me to create interesting lesson plans.

Fancy meeting the teachers here and nice to meet YOU and YOUR child here. Let’s enjoy our happy learning time here at Step Up.