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Why to learn English ?

In our world there are so many different countries and languages ​. We are not talking just about a hundred or two. How can we successfully communicate with each other? We need languages that allow all of us to communicate with each other, regardless of nationality or place of residence. One of them is English.

The importance of English in today’s world can not be overestimated. It is the choice of more than 1 billion people. And if half of them it is native, about 600 million have chosen it as a foreign language.

In general, political, economic, scientific, sports life of the world «runs» in English. English defined the official and working language of the United Nations. All kinds of summits and meetings of heads of state, signing laws and decrees, talks and debates — all taught in English. International trade in, the banking system, the activities of the transport system on land, at sea and in the air is carried out in English.

This language is a living communication tool for academics, doctors, scientists around the world. For international conferences, study of international experience and information exchange scientific minds takes place only with the use of the English language. Even the Olympic Games and all kinds of competitions between the two countries have chosen the official language is English.

If you want your kid to travel and to communicate freely with people of different nationalities? Want him or her to become a student at a foreign university? Want him or her to get a prestigious job with the promotion of the career ladder?

The most important thing is to learn English. Just think that 75% of the world correspondence is carried out in English, 80% of the information stored on computers is also in this language, and the majority of international documents, articles and literary works, written instruction is in English. And we still did not consider the film industry and music Olympus.

Knowledge of English in today’s world is a window on the world. Knowing the language of international communication, your child can achieve great goals and have a bright future.