Yana | Teachers' support

Autor: Step Up

Hi, my name is Yana. I’ve been working as an English Teacher for more than 2 years.
I have an MA in Public Relations and a great passion for Art.

Since I was a student I helped my neighbors with their kids in Canada. I never considered building a career working with young children until one day I saw an ad about TESOL course and possibility to teach English abroad. I realized that this is my chance.
At my work I especially enjoy when I see my students’ excitement during the class and their growing ability to speak English.

When I was approached by Step Up I was very excited to learn that they teach Art as a part of their English curriculum and I had a chance to participate in developing Art curriculum for young learners. Now I work as a Teacher Support manager and a part-time English teacher.

I know that at Step Up everybody is striving to bring the best to our students.