Yulia | CEO

Autor: Step Up

Hello, my name is Yulia. I am CEO of Step Up, the senior curriculum adviser and curriculum developer, but if people ask me What do you do? I would definitely say I am a teacher. I found teaching to be my passion and everything I do at work serves one goal To bring unique and exciting content to Step Up English classroom.

I studied Marketing at Normandale community college MN, USA but, by the time I graduated in 2008 I realized that Marketing is not something that I want to do for the rest of my life. Eventually I got my first TESOL certificate in 2009 and started teaching English.

I wanted to be a good English teacher. To become one, I needed to participate in a lot of different
seminars, workshops, conferences all over the world. Now, I have been in this industry for more than 9 years and I have a lot to share with other English teachers.

Me and Step Up curriculum development team designed a set of tools and strategies for successful English language teaching. We created curriculum that combines exciting Math, Science, Art classes for young learners.
Now we are working on our own educational resources and books for extra English language practice. Although I have a lot of thing going on I still enjoy teaching at our Pudong based center and striving to bring the best to my little students.

I love what we do at Step Up.

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你好,我叫尤利娅。我是Step Up英语的首席执行官,高级课程顾问和课程开发人员,但如果有人问我你做什么?我肯定会说我是一位英语老师。我发现教学是我的热情,我在工作中所做的一切都有一个目标为Step Up 英语课堂带来独特而令人兴奋的内容。
我想成为一名优秀的英语老师。要与之成为一体,我需要参加世界各地的许多不同的研讨会,研讨会和会议。现在,我已经在这个行业工作了9年多,我还有很多东西可以和其他英语老师分享。我和Step Up英语课程开发团队为成功的英语语言教学设计了一套工具和策略。我们创建的课程结合了激动人心的数学,科学,艺术课程,适合年轻学习者。现在我们正在开发自己的教育资源和书籍,以进行额外的英语语言练习。
虽然我有很多事情要做,但我仍然喜欢在浦东的中心教学,并努力为我的小学生们带来最好的教学。 我喜欢我们在Step Up英语所做的事情。

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