Step Up program level Pre-K 2

4-5 years old

Our Pre – K 2 program was carefully designed with the young learners in mind. We created a ground-breaking course that provides your children with a rich and varied curriculum. We included LA, Math, Art and Science elements, based on American common core standards.

Our curriculum partner, The Keystone elementary school (accredited American elementary school) provides us the combination of interactive online and offline class material, allowing our students to experience pure American curriculum.

This course is ideal for international elementary school preparation. It will provide skills, needed to pass entrance examinations and be ready to full time schooling in English.

我们的Pre-K 2课程是为年轻学员精心设计的。我们开创了一个开创性的课程,为您的孩子提供丰富多样的课程。我们根据美国通用核心标准包括洛杉矶,数学,艺术和科学等元素。


Based on American common core standards

We understand that preschoolers  today need more than just knowing vocabulary. Each topic contains age-appropriate critical thinking activities, cooperative work that encourage kids to explore, challenge and question.  
K 1  curriculum emphasizes on readingwriting and storytelling skills, we believe that it allows kids to become independent English language learners and prepares them to full time schooling in English.

K 1课程强调阅读,写作和讲故事的技巧,我们相信它可以让孩子成为独立的英语学习者,并为他们准备全日制英语教育


Vocabulary and structures 课程小节词汇和结构

Weather. My classroom. Things I can do in the park. My mood
My house. In my garden. What do animals do? What do you wear when its hot? My senses.

Art Projects 艺术项目

Step-by-step drawing, coloring, cutouts, clay modelling.  

Math and Geometry 数学和几何

Addition and subtraction.
Solve addition and subtraction word problems.
Identify and describe shapes.

Science 数学

Animals homes. Seasons. My neighborhood. My things. Jobs.

Reading and writing 读写

CVC words reading, digraphs, consonant blends,
high – frequency words. 
Decodable and levelled reading.
Reading Comprehension and story telling skills: retell familiar stories, including key details ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
Describe the relationship between illustrations and the story in which they appear. CVC words.

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Through this approach your children will become able learners, and they will use the skills they have acquires through their Step Up experience throughout their education and beyond.

We create young thinkers with the great futures!

通过这种方式,你的孩子将成为有能力的学习者,并且他们将在整个教育和其他阶段使用他们通过Step Up体验获得的技能。

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I'm so glad to share with you about my baby's improvement in English learning after several months in StepUp. Last night I said my hands are dirty and the baby said in English that "I wash my hands to keep it clean!" My family and I are all so surprised!

Happy Mom

In the last few months your guides have given us some inspiration and great help during the English learning process. Thank you so much for your carefulness and kindness for my kid.

Happy Mom #2

Thank you teacher! My daughter can speak simple sentences in English at home! I also feel she is starting to accept English reading these days! One and a half month's learning gets a great improvement.

Happy Mom #3