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Step Up program level Pre-K 1

3-4 years old

Our Pre-K 1 program was carefully designed with the young learners in mind. We created a ground-breaking course that provides your children with a rich and varied curriculum. We included LA, Math, Art and Science elements, based on American common core standards.



Based on American common core standards


Vocabulary and structures 词汇和结构

Do you want to play? Who’s in your family? What’s this? How many eyes?
What do you ride? What can you find outside? What’s in the toy box? What pet do you like? What can you do? What snacks do you like?

Art Projects 艺术项目

Step-by-step drawing, coloring, cutouts, clay modelling.

Math and Geometry 数学和几何

Introduction to numbers, early number concept, 2D shapes.

Science 数学

Animals. My family. Old and new. How do seeds grow?
My pet. Healthy snacks. The sense of touch.

Language Art 语言艺术

Introduction to the  letter – sound recognition, CVC words reading

Through this approach your children will become able learners, and they will use the skills they have acquires through their Step Up experience throughout their education and beyond.

We create young thinkers with the great futures!

通过这种方式,您的孩子将成为有能力的学习者,并且他们将在整个教育和其他阶段使用他们通过Step Up体验获得的技能。

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