Step Up program level Pre-K 1

3-4 years old

Our Pre-K 1 program was carefully designed with the young learners in mind. We created a ground-breaking course that provides your children with a rich and varied curriculum. We included LA, Math, Art and Science elements, based on American common core standards.

Full English language immersion
6 kids in the classroom
You will get more than 180 classes a year
Affordable price less than 99 rmb per hour

Based on American common core standards


Vocabulary and structures

Do you want to play? Who’s in your family? What’s this? How many eyes?
What do you ride? What can you find outside? What’s in the toy box? What pet do you like? What can you do? What snacks do you like?

Art Projects

Step-by-step drawing, coloring, cutouts, clay modelling.

Math and Geometry

Introduction to numbers, early number concept, 2D shapes.


Animals. My family. Old and new. How do seeds grow?
My pet. Healthy snacks. The sense of touch.

Language Art

Introduction to the  letter – sound recognition, CVC words reading

3-6 years old
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Why to learn English ?

What is CLIL and why we use it in Step Up?

Step Up program level K

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